The standard or base pricing that most installers work off is called back to back.  This means that the head unit which is located inside on an external wall so that the pipes can be plumbed straight through to the exterior brick or weatherboard.  The pipes and control wires and run down to the outside unit, there will also be a power isolator located next to the outside unit which will come directly from the switchboard on a separate circuit.  The isolator is located next to the outdoor unit for service use/local isolation.  Both the pipes and control wires on the outside wall will be covered in capping to protect them from weather and mechanical damage. 


When looking directly at the inside head unit the pipes will come out on the right hand side travel straight down the outside wall and connect into the right hand side of the outdoor unit. This means the units are offset and not directly back to back top and bottom. The outside units are mounted either on concrete slabs or wall brackets both indoor and outdoor units have drains for condensation to escape, they are normally drained onto garden beds.


If you are building  a new home or renovating we can install the pipes and cables in the wall at what is called “rough-in” stage as to conceal them behind the plaster, this is also a must if you are wanting to mount your split system on an internal wall. 


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